Noise Music & Performance Art Events in Berlin <3


As Part of the CTM Vorspiel, our Show “Teegeschmack - The Map is Not the Territory” will be a presentation of sound and visual works by independent artists to a small audience at the AL.Berlin bar/performance space on the 01.02.23.

The artists will show works that deal with the discrepancy between the representation (map) and the material underpinnings (territory), as well as those that examine the transformative potential of mapping and its role in shaping our understanding of the world around us.

Visit us from 18h on the 01.02.23 at AL.Berlin @ Skallitzerstraße 114

Works shown include:

Unrendered Road by Tali Libermann will be screened. (short film)

Collective Augmented Reality experience curated by** Sander Veenhof**.

Interdimensional DJ performance by Sleeptwitch.

Artworks and Video on How to Measure A Planet by Marcela A. Olate.

Black Hole Drone by aaakzt + LFFLO.

Noise Score “Listen to the Space” performance by Baran

DIY Portal Workshop curated by Fabian Tombers.

Video installation showing Clips from the work “parallels” by Lawrence Bird

Viel Liebe, M, Lukas, Anka & Fabi